Raise a Glass to This Native Ad

I’m a sucker for clever advertising.

And now that office holiday party season is upon us, I figured it’s a great time to share one of my favorites.

Picture this – a colleague sends over an email containing a large file you need to download. Maybe it’s a Powerpoint deck, a large dataset, whatever. When you click the download link, you’re taken to a splash page on WeTransfer.com and met with the following:


While you’re waiting for that cumbersome file to download, the site has detected your time zone and presented you with a live Bud Light “happy hour countdown clock,” showing how much time remains until 5 PM.

To entertain you, the following also starts playing:

Bud Light Thumbnail

I love this for so many reasons. They know that you:

  1. Are probably on WeTransfer for work
  2. Probably work in an office
  3. Probably don’t want to be in an office
  4. Are just killing time until that damn file is ready

Plus, this guy.


Bud Light shows you the light at the end of your workday tunnel while weaving in their notoriously tongue-in-cheek brand voice.

And after you’ve watched the video, another smile-inducing tagline:


While we don’t all have the budget, resources, and creative horsepower to create content like Anheuser Busch did here, this provides a refreshing (get it) example of relevant, authentic advertising we should all strive to create.

It’s a native ad I just had to raise a glass to (I DID IT AGAIN!). Dilly dilly!

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